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Kids in the Kitchen: Perfect Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe

In favor of being ‘real’, I’ll start this post by admitting I don’t enjoy sharing my kitchen with anyone. Especially not with children. I know, I can already hear the horrified gasps of other homeschool mothers who are much more domestic than I am.

Poetry Tea Time Cucumber

The Perfect Poetry Tea Time Cucumber Sandwich Recipe

During Poetry Tea Time we generally read just one or two poems before we jump into other books we’re enjoying; and the tea is often replaced with hot chocolate, chocolate milk or smoothies, the feeling is the same.

InstaPot Hard-Boiled Egg "Recipe"

The Best Hard-Boiled Eggs Ever [InstaPot “Recipe”]

I love hard-boiled eggs. They’re great snacks filled with protein and healthy fats. They’re also a key ingredient in deviled eggs.

When I discovered how to make them using the Instapot, I was hesitant. What if they turned out the way all the other hard-boiled eggs turned out?

Healthy Breakfast Muffins

Quick and Healthy Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Muffins

As a busy momma of four kids who are always hungry, my middle name should be “Quick and Easy”. Especially when I often get side-tracked by a blow-out diaper, a morning-meltdown, or a load of laundry.

Thats where this recipe for Quick and Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins comes to the rescue.