About Me

I am 1 in 4
Welcome Friends!

I’m so glad you’ve popped in.

Since you’re here, let me share a little about myself.

I’m a child of God, who is thankful every day for the wonderful love and forgiveness of Christ. I’m a wife to a wonderful man who not only works hard, but is loving and supportive.

I’ve been blessed with four amazing children I get the joy of raising here on earth; and one little boy who is already spending eternity with Our Heavenly Father.

My home is in Northern Virginia, where it is beautiful and green. God’s art is everywhere I look, and the brushstrokes of the sunrise from my front porch are awe-inspiring.

When I’m not balancing being a wife and mother, I’m writing, reading, working out, or teaching myself how to do something new– and through it all, I’m following the path the LORD has laid out before me.

I’m trusting in Him.


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