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Not Every Day is Filled with Happiness



My daughter is an amazing person. She has a wonderful heart, loves her brother, and loves to give to others. As a person she is more than I ever could have hoped for. Her beauty comes from within and radiates from her.

Even for happy, caring, and giving people, not every day is a good day. Not every day is filled with joy and happiness. Not every day is a day we want to repeat.

Recently, my daughter and I have been butting heads. Our issues aren’t over anything major, but I don’t want to set a precedent that allows her to believe having a bad attitude is a key to success. I try to keep in mind each time things get tense and emotions run high, that she is learning who she is. She is entitled to opinions, feelings, frustrations, and to make her own choices and decisions (within reason). As her mother though, I know it is my responsibility to guide her through these experiences. To help her make better choices, or to learn a different way to approach a situation.

I’m trying to help her understand there will be times in life where something needs to be done that isn’t fun, or exciting, and doesn’t bring us joy. Not all things in life are meant to entertain, but we can learn from every situation.

Though I’m her mother and I require she give me respect, as I require she give her father and other adults respect, I also want her to know that I respect her. I try to show her that respect isn’t something guaranteed, but is earned. I want her to respect others because they respect her. I also acknowledge to her that I make mistakes too. Just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be respectful to others, but sometimes I mess up. I know I’ve messed up with her before. When that happens I try to lead by example and show her when we make a mistake it is important to admit it, say you’re sorry, and ask for forgiveness.

So even though as I write this my daughter has been grounded to her room for a few hours, and has lost bike privileges for the day, I hope that when she gets over her anger and frustration she will be able to think of other ways to express her opinions with kindness and respect.

Do you have children or do you remember a time as a child where you made a mistake because you wanted to be heard? I’d love if you shared with me in the comments.

May the LORD bless you,



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